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Sunday, September 6, 2015

One True Meaning - The Purpose Is for We The People....

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Well good Sunday morning everyone, I am so excited today and feel so many positive things about the network lately. I posted my new Halloween playbuzz list last night for fun and that's gaining some likes and shares - cool cool!

And there's so much more to this network - so many blogs and communities that are exciting and helpful to others. Yesterday on my crowdfunding blogmy friend Kris' fundraiser and Nikki & John's interfaith mobile ministry. As well I have a group on facebook for it also - here on facebook I really felt the need to help out these awesome people since that's what my work is for - helping others, and that's the #1 purpose!

But folks, I'm at a point too where I'm needing some contributions as well for my own work so that I can keep continuing my work for others and keep the bills paid. I said a prayer for my financial situation last night, having dealt with in my personal life a flood in my basement and 3 bouts of pneumonia, a very nasty legal fight for my daughters against their abusive father, much less just normal living expenses as it is. I woke up this morning and as my card balance is texted to me daily, a hidden expense I had was taken from my card making my funds and ability to pay for another more needed expense, unavailable when I didn't truly have the money to use for it in the first place. GASP! Its often a challenge a lot of business owners and bloggers go through - so few people do it for free, and I'm not one that can do it for free either. But I do so because I know obviously what its like to help others because no one else is. Not necessarily that people don't want to help - on the contrary, I know a lot of people that want to help, but like - me, just can't. This was the whole sole purpose of that blog and the community - for people to actually get much needing funding. My work has "One True Meaning - it means "purpose", and it really truly is.

So that's when the answer came to me, to put my fun list on hold for a minute and put the word out here on my social spaces to get some contributions if at all possible. So that I can help others, help others, help others - the good work can continue. Nikki and John's work is such a sacrifice for them, like mine, but it has helped me and so many others. That's why I felt called to help them so much. Nikki is 5 months pregnant to boot and as a mom, I can identify with that. Kris - is a long time friend I met in 7th grade that I recently re-connected with through facebook. She's a mom - and a pet owner who recently had to put one of her furbabies down who was extremely sick and its created a big huge vet bill for her and her family. Kris also has a rare condition that has caused her huge migraines constantly that often kept her from work and paying bills for her own family as well. These are the kind of good people my work, my "purpose" is for. Its not for the big wig corps, its for the people.

Nobody foots the bill but me here on my network, and there are expenses associated with running my work - the funds that I do get are literally just paying the bills here, but my work obviously DOES help others in the business community, non-profit organizations and regular people like Kris, you and me.

The blogger sites are free to use, but I have paid hosting for through hostmantis and other expenses. I'm needing at least $300 of my $500 set amount by the end of the week so I can keep on my mission and do my part to provide for the family. We always do this work in faith that we will be able to help others. But sometimes we gotta put ourselves in the frontlines so that the work can continue to prosper. So all I am asking for today is for those who are able to donate - even small donations of $5, $10, $25 can really add up fast and I will do some exchange work as well. Not too long ago I did a short term design job for a longtime colleague of mine whom I've always worked well with and we've always traded. I was able to work well with her to get things done. I can and will exchange business services for contributions provided. I am not needing so many promotions (although they are still very much appreciated), as I am just outright needing the contributions. I would so appreciate your help and support at this time and would be happy to provide you with services for contributions - that's what my work is all about! There is so much more I can do with contributions and funding for my work online.

So please if you will - view the campaign above and make your contribution - it doesn't have to be super huge, but they do add up very fast once people do start contributing.

The direct link to my fundrazr page is here =>> if you'd like to go view the actual page. A lot of work has gone into my fundrazr site, its a really great campaign working towards our purpose. Thank you so much for your support and look forwards to working with you.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. Right back at you :) God bless!

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